Katja Strunz: Einbruchstellen

Katja Strunz: Einbruchstellen
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Publication Date 2009
Description Katja Strunz dedicates this present book to the exhibits of a show that has already taken place in her gallery Contemporary Fine Arts in Berlin (20.10.–20.12.2008). The exhibition was called »Einbruchstellen« (Points of Entry) and underscores, probably better than other presentations, the unity of her work. Barbara Kuon’s instructive text provides comprehensive information about the foundations and historical templates of the various works, as well as Katja Strunz’s methods. With a materialistic focus, the artist concentrates upon the consequences of the historical and social contexts of her works, thus working specifically upon a second version of the past, or put another way, by working on the history in the given material. Katja Strunz, born in 1970, and now living in Berlin, also found an experience particularly instructive during her art school training that proved to be similarly formative for Robert Smithson: a definition can always be destabilised in the moment its effect has outgrown itself. In accordance with this, meaning is always in a state of flux, which is why things can appear differently from one moment to the next. And yet the conclusion for Strunz is that what once existed should not be removed, but rather like an objet trouvé, should remain a constantly self-enriching point of attraction for new meanings.
ISBN 9783940953339
Quantity 1
Pages 102
Author Barbara Kuon
Format Hardback
Publisher Snoeck
Related Artist Katja Strunz
Category Sculpture
Artist's Nationality German
Language English

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