Keith Haring

Keith Haring
Library Shelf Location 18.HARI
Publication Date Feb 2009
Description By the time of his death from AIDS at the age of 31, Keith Haring (1958 1990) was already a wildly successful and popular artist. Haring original and instantly recognizable style, full of thick black lines, bold colors, and graffiti-inspired cartoon-like figures, won him the appreciation of both the art world and the general public; his work appeared simultaneously on T-shirts, gallery walls, and public murals. In 1986, Haring founded Pop Shop, a boutique in New York SoHo selling Haring designed memorabilia, to benefit charities and help bring his work closer to the public and especially street kids, with whom he never lost contact.
ISBN 9783836512565
Quantity 1
Pages 96 Pages
Author Alexandra Kolossa
Format Hardback
Publisher Taschen
Related Artist Keith Haring
Categories Painting, Artist (relating to a single artist/collaborative team)
Keyword Wall-based artwork
Language English

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