Koki Tanaka: Possibilities for Being Together: Their Praxis and Documentation.

Koki Tanaka: Possibilities for Being Together: Their Praxis and Documentation.
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Publication Date 2016

This exhibition marks the first large solo exhibition of Koki Tanaka in Japan. The artist has drawn much attention in recent years for his activities of seeking an alternative perspective and attitude to current social situations and existing frameworks, conducted through a variety of means such as video documentation, installation, writing, performance and organizing events. In the 55th Venice Biennale in 2013, Tanaka presented video works that included one that showed five potters working together on one pottery. Representing the beauty and difficulty of the act of collaborating on one thing, his works received international acclaim.
This exhibition focuses on Tanaka's activity after 2010, when he started to be interested in the activities of collaboration, with his new work at the center along with his recent works.
The new work produced for this exhibition is based on the six-day lodging and a series of workshops conducted during that time, in which general participants, facilitators and camera crews stayed together under one roof. Throughout the six days, which consisted of reading, cooking, making pottery, workshop related to social movement, discussion, interviews and so forth, the opportunity was there for everyone to think, to have dialogues and to practice about moving and community. In the exhibition, several video works based on the video documentation of the workshop are exhibited, along with items such as notes the artist made during the production.


This book comprises mainly documentation of a project for which the participants, facilitators, curator, film crew and other staff, totaling some 18-odd members, spent six days living together and conducting workshops. More than documenting the resulting exhibition itself, it is a record of the project's development.

ISBN 9784903341200
Quantity 1
Pages 215pp
Editor Noriyuki Kurokawa
Authors Koki Tanaka, Yoshitaka Mouri, Kenji Kai, Hikaru Fujii, Yuu Takehisa
Format Paperback
Publisher Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito
Related Artist Koki Tanaka
Category Artist (relating to a single artist/collaborative team)
Keywords conceptual, Participatory Arts, Participation
Artist's Nationality Japanese
Languages Japanese, English

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