La Chute: Avatars d' Avatar

La Chute: Avatars d' Avatar
Publication Date 2008
Description The collective project entitled La Chute aims at showing the passing of time through the media lens. By asking artists to produce video segments and then passing these 10-second to several minute-long segments through a software, we are able to see what the lens sees, to perceive the passing of time between videograms. The project will consist in bringing 10 film or video artists together with 10 audio artists. Each artist will have to produce a brief, 10-second sequence. These sequences will then be “stretched” to make 10-minute sequences. The entire 10 pieces will then be published on DVD. Actually, when we say "bringing together", the term gets a new meaning with the use of the dvd medium. The spectator will be able to pair any of the videos with any of the audio sequences, thus getting 10 times 10 new pairings of audio and video. Another aspect that will be coming directly from the influence of new technologies is the stretching in time of the audio without altering its pitch. Each soundtrack will be stretched from 10 seconds to 10 minutes with new software, without the lowering pitch effect that we used to get when we were using tape recorders to stretch sound in time.
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Format DVD (NTSC)
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Category Film and Artists' Moving Image

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