Lastgaspism: Art and Survival in the Age of Pandemic

Lastgaspism: Art and Survival in the Age of Pandemic
Library Shelf Location 05.ROME
Publication Date 01 Mar 2022

At a time of ubiquitous crisis, this multidisciplinary anthology explores “breath” as an allegory and expression of the need for social transformation.

Collecting interviews, critical essays and artist portfolios, Lastgaspism considers matters of life and death in relation to breath, both allegorical and literal. Bringing into mutual proximity the ecological, political, public health and spiritual crises of our time, this book considers the compounding nature of these events and their impact upon one another, illuminating how the act of gasping for breath is starkly exposing the either/or that stands before us: either we breathe or we die. Through aesthetic and socially engaged strategies of all kinds, cultural workers are responding to the most urgent issues in contemporary life. Lastgaspism offers a framework to help us make sense of the interlocked crises of the unfolding present and asks with critical optimism what can happen in this time of transition.

ISBN 9781940190310
Quantity 1
Pages 200
Editors Anthony Romero, Daniel Tucker, Dan S. Wang
Format Paperback
Publisher Soberscove Press
Category Art Theory
Keywords Breath, Public health crisis, Ecological, Political, Spiritual
Language English

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