Leslie Thornton

Leslie Thornton
Library Shelf Location 18.THOR
Publication Date 2021

Produced on the occasion of Leslie Thornton’s major solo exhibition at the MIT List Visual Arts Center as well as a recent solo exhibition at Kunstverein Nurnberg, this richly illustrated volume is the first monograph on this important artist and filmmaker, offering essential, foundational scholarship on Thornton’s influential work in film and video. Thornton’s early encounters with experimental, structuralist, and cinéma vérité traditions fueled her iconoclastic take on the moving image and gave shape to her practice of weaving together her own footage and voice with archival film and audio. In part through her forceful and dynamic use of sound, Thornton exposes the limits of language and vision in her works, while acknowledging the ways that language and vision nevertheless remain central to scientific discourse and narrative in general.

ISBN 9783956795985
Quantity 1
Pages 224
Editors Natalie Bell, Dan Kidner, Milan Ther
Format Hardback
Publisher ‎ Sternberg Press
Related Artist Leslie Thornton
Category Artists' Monographs A-Z
Keywords Film and video art, experimental, Structuralism, cinéma vérité, Language, Narrative, Science
Language English

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