Lesson in how to pull tourists

Lesson in how to pull tourists
Archive Shelf Location 17A3(1)
Publication Date 14 May 2004

A fading industrial port keen to re-invent itself for the 21st Century - a regional capital tucked into the North-East corner of the country, off the international map but with some impressive architecture amid the crumbling warehouses, a fiewrce sense of regional pride and a decent football team, perhaps the only reason the city is know beyond its own country. If this sounds familiar you might be surprised - for this is not Tyneside but Barcelona only two decades ago.

Quantity 1
Pages 16-17
Format Article
Month May 2004
Keyword Urban redevelopment
Related Cities/Regions Gateshead, Barcelona
Language English
Issue 14.05.2004
Publication Journal (Newcastle)

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