Letizia Le Fur: Mythologies

Letizia Le Fur: Mythologies
Library Shelf Location 18.LEFU
Publication Date 2021

Photographer Letizia Le Fur has initiated what she calls the ‘Mythologies’ cycle. The series stems from two of Le Fur’s fascinations from a young age: classical mythology and the search for beauty. This initial work comprises its first two chapters, “Origin” and “Golden Age”. The former explores the world’s creation, while the latter addresses the harmony between the gods, nature, and humans. Ovid and Hesiod, in particular, have guided her sensitive and aesthetic approach as she revisits mythology through mysterious landscapes, hostile nature, alchemical elements, and dreamlike flora. Eventually, a human figure emerges to roam through the world, a wandering soul akin to Ulysses.

ISBN 9791097416201
Quantity 1
Pages 88
Authors Alain Rodriguez, Laure Raynette, Laura Serani, Marie Valat, Samantha Millar-Hoppe
Format Hardback
Publisher Rue Du Bouquet
Category Artists' Monographs A-Z
Keywords photography, Mythology, Gods, Nature, Humans, Landscapes
Languages English, French

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