Lev Manovich: Soft Cinema: Documentation CD

Lev Manovich: Soft Cinema: Documentation CD
Archive Shelf Location Disc 887
Publication Date 2003

'Soft(ware) Cinema is a dynamic computer-driven media installation. The viewers are presented with an infinite series of narrative films constructed on the fly by the custom software. Using the systems of rules defined by the author, the software decides what appears on the screen, where, and in which sequence.' Lev Manovich This CD-rom contains 4 movie files *** *** *** *** Soft Cinema Catalog.pdf Soft Cinema Website

Quantity 1
Formats CD-Rom, PDF File
Related Artist Lev Manovich
Months July 2003, August 2003, September 2003
Categories New Media/Digital Art, Film and Artists' Moving Image
Related Gallery BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art
Related Curator/Producer Lev Manovich
Artist's Nationality Russian

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