Lise Harlev: This is Not Really Me

Lise Harlev: This is Not Really Me
Library Shelf Location 18.HARL
Publication Date 2014

Lise Harlev has long explored personal identity in relation to the public realm. Using the aesthetics of advertising, public information signage and political slogans, her text pieces are often too ambiguous to fit into any of those categories. 
For This is not really me, Lise Harlev has invited people working within art, literature, advertising and journalism to write about one of the 12 pieces in the book. Rather than giving in-depth analyses of the works, the texts function as independent literary statements, which expand on the emotional aspect of Harlev‘s work and add new meaning to it.
With texts by Synne Rifbjerg, Andreas Brøgger, Katerina Gregos, Jan Verwoert, Sarah Quigley, Christian Yde Frostholm, Ana Teixeira Pinto, Leila El-Kayem, Tod Wodicka, Peio Aguirre, Geoffrey Garrison and Olof Olsson. Introduction by Lotte Møller.

ISBN 9783941644618
Quantity 1
Pages 152 pages 50 illustrations 225 x 255 mm
Editor Lotte Moller
Format Softcover
Publisher The Green Box, Berlin
Related Artist Lise Harlev
Category Artist (relating to a single artist/collaborative team)
Keyword Identity
Language English

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