Liu Weijian

Liu Weijian
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Publication Date 2013
Description From angular rocks and towering buildings, to heavy gates and mundane construction trucks, Liu Weijian takes a particular interest in the ordinary. Indeed, Weijian glances at the scenarios and objects of the everyday more than once; he revisits them as one would a close acquaintance, each time delving into them deeper, fleshing out the key qualities that may spark his painterly interest. A recent graduate from the Shanghai Normal University of Art, Weijian is very much an artist who is inspired by his surroundings, an observer of the city, its space and objects. Weijian's observations extend beyond, however, merely three dimensions; each painting seems to carry with it a further layer of sensitivity to the fourth dimension of time. Emphasised by his compositions as well as use of light and colour, Weijian stages each object as either a temporally coveted star or a tailed contemporary culprit. For instance, in Weijian's early painting, 'Two Leaders' (2006), two empty single white sofa chairs are positioned, side-by-side, against a red-wood wall. Although commonplace living room objects, the frontal angle from which they are depicted provides them with a certain authority, aligning them with thrones pertaining to royalty or government officials. Thus staged, their momentary emptiness, considered in accordance with the title of the work, seems to bear a negative connotation. Such clarity as to Weijian's commentary, however, is blurred by the sheer whiteness and purity with which these seats are depicted. Conversely, their glimmering un-sullied state could also allude to a pristine authority, devoid of corruption. Such complexity and oscillation between possible commentaries extends throughout Weijian's body of work. In his later piece, 'Expectation' (2010), two stacks of crates stand tall yet largely concealed under a plastic sheet. Unaware of what the contents may be, Weijian instills this recognisable industrial scene with a sense of mystery and builds a notion of enquiry; what is underneath? Is it something we should be celebrating or damning? Will we be satisfied or disappointed by what is concealed? This plurality of possibilities is precisely what gives Weijian's depiction of everyday objects such gravitas; for he has the ability to award shades of meaning to something, or a thing, which otherwise may simply have been overlooked or considered at face value. Liu Weijian's work has been exhibited nationally as well as internationally and has seen an increased following around the world. He has been included in group exhibitions at the Duolun Museum of Modern Art in Shanghai as well as the Astrop Fearnley Museum of Modern art in Oslo, not to mention the Platform China Contemporary Art Institute in Beijing and the Pinacoteca Agnelli in Torino. Weijian's work has furthermore been held in various solo exhibitions including the Espace Louis Vuitton in Hong Kong and is held various prestigious public collections such as the Minsheng Art Museum collection in Shanghai and the DSL collection in Beijing.
ISBN 9789881682727
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Pages 56
Author Rose Lejeune
Format Hardback
Publisher Edouard Malingue Gallery
Related Artist Liu Weijian
Category Painting
Language English

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