Local Stories

Local Stories
Library Shelf Location 17.LOCA
Publication Date 01 Apr 2006
Description This work features artists: Rory Carnegie, Daniel Guzman, Laura Lancaster, Nalini Malani, Mark Neville, Katerina Seda, and Gillian Wearing. It also features an essay by Andrew Nairne. This publication accompanies the international exhibition Local Stories held at Modern Art Oxford (7 March - 30 April 2006). The exhibition explores the idea that stories are often the subject or starting point for the most powerful contemporary art. Inspirational, pleasurable and moving, the works in "Local Stories" reveal how the personal and incidental can reflect broader social and political realities, and includes artists from the UK, Mexico, India and the Czech Republic.
ISBN 9781901352276
Quantity 1
Pages 79
Author Andrew Nairne
Publisher Museum of Modern Art, Oxford
Related Artists Gillian Wearing, Nalini Malani, Laura Lancaster, Daniel Guzman, Rory Carnegie, Katerina Seda, Mark Neville
Category Group Exhibition/Multiple Artists
Keyword Identity
Related Gallery Modern Art Oxford
Language English

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