Lonely Christmas 2020

Lonely Christmas 2020
Library Shelf Location ZINE-L
Publication Date Dec 2020
NOTE: THIS ZINE IS HELD IN BALTIC ARCHIVE NOT THE LIBRARY. Please email or see staff to view this book.

Lonely Christmas 2020, a project celebrating/bemoaning yuletide and all that comes with it. This years edition is an a5 landscape zine, incorporating risograph, letterpress and thermography. We’re printing in blue and sunflower yellow, onto light blue paper - frosty!

Belinda Ayres, Ellen Blair, Imogen Brady, Joan Bull, Catherine Corfield, Jake Cox, Meghan Darby, Tamir David, Ruth Dyer, Jake Francis, Andrew Gannon, Sevonah Golabi, Bez Hall, Caitlin Hazell, Blandine Harrmann, Marcelle Holt, Janet Jackson, Joan Jackson, Michael Jackson, Alison Johnston, Lily Kroese, Joe Lang, Lisa Lorenz, Natasha Loydell, Iona Monks, Rich Qual, Alicia Rodriguez, Tommy Stewart, Thomas Stockley, Aidan Strudwick, Penny Sweasey, Frannie Wise, and Nisha Woolford.

Quantity 1
Formats Zine, A5 booklet
Related Artists George Gibson, Shy Bairns (Izzy Kroese, George Gibson, Erin Blamire and Eleanor Haswell)
Category Zine Collection (by appointment)
Keywords Risograph, Zines
Language English

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