Lorenzo Sandoval and Antonio Vizcaíno: Industry / Matrices, Threads and Sounds

Lorenzo Sandoval and Antonio Vizcaíno: Industry / Matrices, Threads and Sounds
Library Shelf Location 18.SAND
Publication Date 2023

Industry / Matrices, threads and sounds is a publication that operates a project by Lorenzo Sandoval and Tono Vizcaíno as a reader in the project of the same name, and brings together a selection of texts and images of the people and entities that have collaborated in the process.

Industry is a hybrid proposal that is situated between the creation of an archive and an artistic project. Its aim is to offer a necessarily partial reading of Valencian industrial heritage, based on sound, the immaterial and social movements. The proposal has been undertaken through the compilation of sounds, processes, images, videos, music, pieces of art and speeches linked to the factories in their original context of use, but also in their abandonment and their reconversion into heritage spaces.

This volume contains materials from the archive, from the matrices or documentation meetings organised during the research work, from the theoretical seminar that culminated the first stage of the project, as well as a brief essay on Rodchencko’s Workers’ Club, which freely inspires the artistic facility carried out at IVAM Institut Valencià d’Art Modern.

ISBN 9783949973048
Pages 348 pp, 24 x 17 cm
Authors Lorenzo Sandoval, Antonio Vizcaíno
Format Softcover
Publisher Archive Books
Related Artists Lorenzo Sandoval, Tono Vizcaíno
Category Artist (relating to a single artist/collaborative team)
Keywords Industry, Machinery, machines, Industrial Production, Archives, Research-led
Languages English, Spanish

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