Louise Bourgeois: La Famille

Louise Bourgeois: La Famille
Library Shelf Location 18.BOUR
Publication Date 2006
Description This book includes an introduction by Thomas Kellein. In the drawings and sculptures of Louise Bourgeois, there recurs the theme of the artist's family and her fears of failure: to not have been born as a boy, to not be needed, to be only a pawn in her parents' difficult life, and to not succeed as a wife, a mother and most of all as an artist. This book collects her family-related works, in crude, figurative sketches, embroidered soft-sculptures and installation 'cells', in which she seeks to tap into a great love of family. There are few artists prepared to delve as deeply or as radically as Bourgeois, in deliberately overstepping the boundaries of intimacy. "I am never literal. Never, ever, ever. You achieve nothing by being literal, you just waste energy. You have to work with analogies, interpretations and make all sorts of leaps." - Louise Bourgeois.
ISBN 3865600794
Quantity 1
Pages 223
Author Thomas Kellein
Formats Exhibition Catalogue, Hardback
Publisher Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Konig
Related Artist Louise Bourgeois
Categories Drawing, Painting, Sculpture
Keywords Fear, Intimacy, Failure
Related Gallery Kunsthalle Bielefeld
Artist's Nationality French
Language English

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