Made By Women: LGBTQ Women Artists Issue 4

Made By Women: LGBTQ Women Artists Issue 4
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"About the zine: Considering the overwhelming bias towards men in all aspects of the art world and in popular art historical texts, this zine hopes to introduce you to some of the women from history that have been overlooked, forgotten or marginalised. With the help of some talented artists working today, this zine provides an introduction to their lives and their work in a way that doesn't require any previous art historical knowledge."

"Made By Women is a creative platform that celebrates women in the arts and challenges inequalities in the art world. It currently has three main goals: to increase awareness and knowledge of women from art history, support women artists working today and encourage aspiring women artists. Made by Women currently creates booklets about women from art history, illustrated by women artists working today but is working on workshops and exhibitions."

Also contains an insert about the creative platform.

Quantity 2
Pages 13
Format Zine
Publishers Made By Women, Self-published
Related Artists Frida Kahlo, Fernanda Peralta, Claude Cahun, Alice Buckingham, Mickalene Thomas, Brooke Morgan, Tamara de Lempicka, ThatGirlDada
Category Zine Collection (by appointment)
Keywords Women artists, Activism, LGBTQIA+, Feminism, Futures of Gender

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