MAP - Issue 22 - Summer - 2010

MAP - Issue 22 - Summer - 2010
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Description The authority of the voice and its displacement is the leitmotif of MAP 22. We ask what kind of voice can one achieve in collaboration, and question who can be held accountable for its collective utterances. From the trio of avant-garde filmmakers Kenneth Macpherson, Bryher and HD, who made up the reactionary POOL group, to the three young contemporary painters Fiona Mackay, Manuela Gernedel and Morag Keil, the unified voice of collaboration is shown to produce bursts of unlikely creativity that would be impossible alone. From the standpoint of individual practice too, MAP examines the synthetic aspects of the artist’s voice. In the first presentation of her New York project, From the centre of the elephant, artist Jesse Jones flirts with possession and inhabits a series of ghostly voices in MAP, where she presents a gothic piece of fiction intertwined with haunting images. Pablo Helguera attempts to answer a series of unanswerable questions in his slippery interview with Karen Archey, speaking from his multiple positions as critic, curator and artist. Jimmie Durham's special new commission for MAP, made on residency in Glasgow, amalgamates voices from the past and rearranges their symbolic order. In our review focus, the launch of Glasgow International also provides a proliferation of voices from MAP’s team of writers who attempt to bring in a perspective from scattered points across the city. Throughout the issue, then, MAP finds itself in rich, polyvocal territory.
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Related Artists Jimmie Durham, Pablo Helguera, Jesse Jones, Martin Soto Climent, Florian Germann
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