Marcus Kleinfeld: Empire

Marcus Kleinfeld: Empire
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Publication Date 2010
Description For this exhibition Marcus Kleinfeld has devised eight large-scale sculptures. The subject of these works is the artist’s view of reality, his perception of the world and how people live and behave in it. The sculptures acknowledge in formal and psychological terms some of the key characteristics of our world - power, hierarchy, wealth, greed, oppression, domination and conquest. At the same time they communicate human experience - what we desire, strive for, fear, fight against and consume - our weaknesses and our suffering. For Marcus Kleinfeld objects have their own authority, yet presented as sculpture they can be charged with new meaning and power. The artist lifts readymade objects from the worlds of factory farming and prisons to reveal machines and apparatuses as traded commodities in production and use. In other works he fabricates anew to allow abstractions from the original object, again taken from the realms of agriculture and detention. He also creates mutant sculptures - somewhere between the state of readymade and fabrication these objects retain their original association but take on a new, emphatic meaning by their treatment or installation. All of these recastings, rebrandings and resignifications concentrate political potency. The word Empire alone evokes strong images – colonialism, oligarchy, corporate imperialism and ideological hegemony. It is also the title of Negri & Hardt’s book Empire. Published in 2000 it proved, according to the London Review of Books, ‘the most successful work of political theory to come from the Left for a generation. It addressed directly a central political issue of the 21st Century: the perceived distance between ordinary people trying to live in the way they want and the systems of power that defeat them’. Both the notion and the book provide two useful inroads into the sculpture of Marcus Kleinfeld.
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Pages 24
Author Hannah Barry
Format Paperback
Publisher Hannah Barry Gallery
Related Artist Marcus Kleinfeld
Category Sculpture
Language English

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