Marialuisa Tadei: A Sense of Wonder

Marialuisa Tadei: A Sense of Wonder
Library Shelf Location 18.TADE
Publication Date 2009
Description The work of Marialuisa Tadei is characterised by its forceful metaphors, which hurl matter into space, among folds of light that entwine it with subtly simple lines. Her works reflect ideas that are fleeting yet compelling, that spring from deep in the psyche, like a fissure in the collective unconscious. Above all they take their form from the ability of Marialuisa Tadei to render weightless materials which are usually dense, such as iron, and to give weight to those which are diaphanous or transparent, such as glass and mirrors. This catalogue A Sense of Wonder, published by Shin Production, has texts by Omar Calabrese, Giorgio Cortenova and Donald Kuspit, as well as an interview with the artist by Valerio Dehò.
Quantity 1
Pages 200
Author Omar Calabrese
Format Paperback
Publisher Shin Production
Related Artist Marialuisa Tadei
Category Sculpture
Artist's Nationality Italian
Language English

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