Marion Coutts: No Evil Star

Marion Coutts: No Evil Star
Archive Shelf Location 8A3
Publication Date 2002
Description NO EVIL STAR is a decline and fall,epic in scale and minute in actuality.The piece was filmed on a small handmade clay diorama.A cast of hundreds of mealworms colonise the diorama,a super-race of giants in a unearthly terrain.It is a world in extremis,an elegiac widescreen vision of a landscape slowly sinking into darkness,its inhabitants overwhelmed.No Evil Star takes elements from Westerns,dinosaur spectaculars,Biblical epics,and its sombre key from Géricault ’s ‘The Raft of the Medusa ’.The piece uses a Darwinian trope,that of enormous forces endlessly struggling for existence and makes that,and the mysterious dying of the light,the action of the film.
Quantity 1
Format CD-Rom
Publisher Locus+
Related Artist Marion Coutts
Category Film and Artists' Moving Image
Related Gallery Hancock Museum, Newcastle upon Tyne

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