Self And Now

11 OCTOBER 2013 - 3 NOVEMBER 2013

Mark Fell (Born Sheffield, UK, 1966) is a multi-disciplinary artist working with new technologies, for sound, image and generativity, bringing together interests in experimental electronic music, contemporary art, philosophy and computer science.

For BALTIC’s project space at BALTIC 39 Fell presents three installations that bring together sound and light to occupy the gallery spaces. The installations play with the physical and visual possibilities of the sonic environment, drawing attention to how sound can influence our perception of the space we occupy.

64 Beautiful Phase Violations is a 64 channel sound installation made during a residency at University of Salford. An octagonal array of 64 speakers arranged in the space at head height, forming a ring, on entering the listener can then experience the movement of different sound frequencies. The system reflects typical Wave Field Synthesis (WFS) processes and by doing so allows the user to create realistic and imagined soundscapes in the physical realm. In this piece, micro-spatial harmonics are used to construct unusual sonic experiences and spatial dynamics. 

Fell also presents a new work combining light, sound and movement: Untitled 2013. In 1964 the cognitive scientist Roger Shepard suggested that pitch could be represented as points around a circle. The ‘Shepard Tone' appears as a perpetually ascending or descending pitch. Like much of Fell's practice, the work constructs and explores unfamiliar relationships between kinetic, chromatic and sonic structures.

The third work, Factoid#3 2010,uses a stroboscope to produce bursts of light with synchronised sound disrupting the linear movement of objects in the space.  

64 Beautiful Phase Violations is commissioned by Salford Sonic Fusion Festival and Acoustics Research Facility at the University of Salford.

Self and Now is produced in association with 
TUSK Festival, Newcastle upon Tyne 11-13 October 2013.

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