Mark Magazine: No. 46: October/November 2013

Mark Magazine: No. 46: October/November 2013
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Publication Date Oct 2013
Description Former Hollywood wild-west Pioneertown now plays host to 350 off-the-grid inhabitants. Mark looks at how they have reappropriated this scripted-setting into a fully functioning town. Architect Linda Taalman shows two sustainable houses she designed, along Pionneertown’s outskirts, while art collector Jerry Sohn reveals three spiritual pavilions. Then Issue #46 visits two houses designed by Jun Igarashi in Hokkaido, stops in with 3D-printing visionary Enrico Dini in Pisa, and heads to a floating school by NLÉ in Lagos before talking to Álvaro Siza Vieira in Porto about his reading habits. Cross Sections: Bierman Henket, Bolles+Wilson, Bernaskoni, John Körmeling, Leeton Pointon, Schneider+Schumacher, Norisada Maeda Atelier, Alex McDowell, Henning Larsen, Atelier TeamMinus, World Map, DMVA & A3, AP Atelier, Storp Weber, Neutelings Riedijk, Rudy Ricciotti, Zaha Hadid Perspectives: Introduction: Pioneertown, California Taalman Koch Architecture: Linda Taalman built herself an unplugged weekend home that has inspired others to do the same. Taalman Koch Architecture: Kyle Laughlin commissioned Taalman Koch to design a small prefab home with minimal impact on the landscape. Arata Isozaki: Art collector Jerry Sohn has three Arata Isozaki-designed pavilions for meditation or daydreaming. Boyd Wilson: Magdalen Boyd-Wilson let her retreat disappear into the landscape. Long Sections: Jun Igarashi in Hokkaido: Jun Igarashi's two new houses testify to the ongoing development of his architecture. Lyons in Melbourne: Lyons is doing the most intriguing things with the city's institutional buildings. Enrico Dini in Pisa: Visionary 3D-printing pioneer Enrico Dini explains hot properly colonize a planet Níall McLaughlin in London: for McLaughlin, every job is a fresh challange Speech in Berlin: Sergei Tchoban designed a museum for the display of his collection of architectural drawings. March in New York: March turns rendering into an art form. Adrian Streich in Dulliken: Adrian Streich Architects converted an industrial monument into an apartment complex. Diederendirrix in Eindhoven: Diederendirrix converted an old Philips factory into an apartment building. Álvaro Siza Vieira in Porto: In a novel, characters sometimes take over the story. A similar thing can happen in architecture.
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Format Magazine
Months October 2013, November 2013
Language English
Publication Mark Magazine

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