Márton Koppány: The Other Side

Márton Koppány: The Other Side
Publication Date 1995
Description Márton Koppány The Other Side Budapest, Hungary: Koppány. 1995 Synopsis: Influenced by Buddhist, Talmudic, and Fluxus texts, Koppány explores the book as a structure in a vicious circle of self-reflection. What is on the other side? References: Umbrella 19, no.1 (May 1996), p.15. Category: Small Book Cover: Softcover - Other Binding: spiral bound Process: photocopy Color: black-and-white Edition size unknown Signed: Unsigned and Unnumbered NB: THIS ARTIST'S BOOK IS KEPT IN BALTIC ARCHIVE AND IS AVAILABLE TO VIEW BY APPOINTMENT
Quantity 1
Pages Unpaginated: (Height x Width x Depth): 13.5 x 9 cm
Author Marton Koppany
Format Spiral bound
Publisher Self-published
Related Artist Marton Koppany
Category Artists' Books
Keywords Minimalism, Concrete Poetry
Language English

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