Masters of the Universe (attempt no.19)

Masters of the Universe (attempt no.19)
Library Shelf Location 17.MAST
Publication Date 2004
Description Masters of the Universe (attempt no 19) looks at various ideas surrounding aspiration, failure, success, and the inevitable breakdown in trying to live up to an idealistic way of life. The work shifts uncomfortably between a high-flying attempt at greatness, and a contentment with a more sedate way of life. Or simply being happy with your lot. A darkly comic and melancholic edge runs throughout, but the work remains playful through its use of materials. The lo-fi nature of the work acts in two ways: as an indication that these are the simplest interpretations, yet it reflects a satisfyingly embarrassed view of the world.
ISBN 190002909X
Quantity 1
Pages 24
Editor Gordon Dalton
Authors Adam Caruso, Dan Etherington
Formats Catalogue, Paperback
Publisher Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff
Related Artists Chris Yeats, Paul Housley, Gordon Dalton, Paul Stone, Sara Mackillop
Months August 2003, September 2003
Categories Installation, Painting, Film and Artists' Moving Image
Keywords Aspirations, Utopia, Dystopia
Related Gallery Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff
Related Curator/Producer Gordon Dalton
Language English

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