Material Making in the North (6 of 7) Hannah Croft

Publication Date 12 Jul 2018

Join design and innovation consultancy MaterialDriven alongside pioneering material makers for a focused panel discussion around manufacturing, research and design of new and existing materials created in the North. This session will feature a preview of the mobile app ENDURE which was created by Ben Bridgens and Debra Lilley providing designers with input on how materials change and evolve over time in response to particular ‘stimuli’. There will also be physical samples of materials and work from the speakers, all of which the audience will be able to engage and touch after the talk.

Speakers include:

Purva Chawla, Founder and Director, MaterialDriven
Adele Orcajada, Director, MaterialDriven
Ben Bridgens and Debra Lilley Researchers at University of Newcastle (Material Aging)
Jane Scott, Teaching Fellow, University of Leeds (Phase changing textile)
Ehab Sayed, Founder of Biohm (Mycelium composite), University of Newcastle PhD student
Christa Leask, Founder, Material Evolution Lab (Yorkshire)
Hannah Croft, Founder, MUUNA, Designer and Artificer
Mandy Leeming, Design and Development Manager, Interface

Supported by Ryder Architecture

Speaker Hannah Croft
Format MPEG 4
Month July 2018
Keywords Sustainability, Ecology, Ecological design
Related Events Idea of North (11 May – 30 September 2018), Great Exhibition of the North (22 June – 9 September 2018)
Language English

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