Me Company. Luminous

Me Company. Luminous
Library Shelf Location 43.MECO
Publication Date 2001
Description The images presented in this book were created in a short period of time between the end of 1999 and 2001. Thematically selected works of Me Company, collected within one cover for convenience. They represent a mixture of commmisioned work, editorial projects, 'out-takes', experimental and interesting diversions along the way. Me Company's working process is convoluted. They talk, write, draw, sculpt, refine, systematize, build, compose, texture, surface, process, debate, think, play, categorise, experiment, recompose, light and render. They feed the results back into this iterative gathering of materials and ideas. Progress towards the synthesis of the final image is an interactive feedback loop between ad-hoc teams of designers. It's recursive and malleable, open to change and opportunity. Between them, they channel a complex and ever-changing wave of slow incremental authorital changes, rapid intuitive leaps and unexpected system-generated artefacts into a coherent pictorial statement. They believe that myths, stories and fabrications are somewhere close to the heart of communication.
ISBN 901285017
Quantity 1
Format Hardcover
Publisher INTERLINK Planning Inc.
Related Artist Me Company
Categories New Media/Digital Art, Photography, Web Design/Computer Design
Related Gallery Creation Gallery G8, Tokyo
Languages Japanese, English

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