Measure of Time

Measure of Time
Library Shelf Location 06.TIME
Publication Date 2007
Description In this study of American art, time and motion are fragmented, mechanized, slowed down and sped up so that the last century flies by. Works range from Joseph Stella's Battle of Lights, Coney Island (1915-18) to Shirley Shor's real-time projection Landslide (2004).
ISBN 9780971939769
Quantity 1
Pages 176
Editor Judy Bloch
Authors Bill Berkson, Lucinda Barnes, Jaquelynn Baas, Karen L Bennett, Linda Dalrymple Henderson, Maria Porges, Lawrence R. Rinder
Format Paperback
Publishers University of California, Berkley Art Musuem, Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley, California
Related Artists Dan Flavin, Matthew Noel-Tod, Hans Haacke, Jackson Pollock, Jean Tinguely, Marcel Duchamp, Robert Irwin, Sol Lewitt, Terry Fox, Tom Marioni, Lewis Baltz, Frank Gillette, Alexander Calder, Jim Campbell, Joseph Cornell, Richard Misrach, Ken Goldberg, Kim Abeles, Scott Burton, Pol Bury, Jay DeFeo, Lewis deSoto, David Ireland, Doug Keyes, Mark Klett, Byron Wolfe, Harry Kramer, Alan Rath, George Rickey, Shirley Shor, Anne Walsh
Category Art by Subject
Keywords Time, Motion
Language English

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