Meeting Place: Dr Peter Edwards and Fiona Crisp (audio)

Publication Date 26 Jun 2014

Artist Fiona Crisp has for many years been concerned with the photographic object as an unstable and deeply equivocal phenomenon. In recent years Crisp has been developing a dialogue with fundamental scientists regarding the visualisation of concepts and data that challenge the limits of our imaginative capacity.

Fiona Crisp will be joined by Dr. Pete Edwards, who has helped facilitate her access to sites where both experimental and theoretical physics and cosmology are carried out; these have included CERN in Geneva as well as the Centre for Advanced Instrumentation and the COSMA super computer, both at Durham University. Dr. Edwards is an experienced science communicator who co-ordinates the outreach programme of the Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics at Durham University, UK. The programme’s primary focus is to explain the department's research to wider audiences, and to describe how science contributes important technical and cultural benefits to our modern society.

Meeting Place is a regular series of informal exchanges and conversations, held at BALTIC 39. These intimate Salon-style discussions are interdisciplinary and designed to explore the ways artists collaborate with experts in the fields of science, the environment, health and medicine to generate new research and artwork. Developed by BALTIC Professor of Contemporary Art, Christine Borland and BALTIC Curator of Exhibitions & Research, Alessandro Vincentelli.

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Speakers Fiona Crisp, Dr Pete Edwards
Formats MP3, wav file
Month June 2014
Related Event Meeting Place at BALTIC 39
Related Gallery BALTIC’s project space at BALTIC 39, Newcastle upon Tyne
Language English

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