Mel Tak: Mel Stringer & Yeung Hok Tak

Mel Tak: Mel Stringer & Yeung Hok Tak
Library Shelf Location 18.TAK
Publication Date 2013
Description The first book by Mel from Australia and Tak from Hong Kong, compiled by Yoshitomo Nara, has finally been ready to be released. Mel Stringer, born in 1987 and works as a freelance illustrator based in Brisbane. Nara first got to know her some five years ago, when she sent a letter to him. Nara admits he gained a lot of power from Mel's works as the time just flowed him right by, creating work and exhibiting over the decade. In the meantime, Nara met Yeung Hok Tak a.k.a Tak a few years ago through Nara's old friend who is an art director. Nara immediately liked Tak's work and keeps a close relationship with him visiting Hong Kong several times. Nara finds richness in the artist and his work with a unique background cultivated in the Sinophone world with the long-time under British rule. Works by Mel depicting bold girls with simple lines and cute colours, and works by Tak filled with humor as an established comic writer- This is one viberant book presented by Yoshitomo Nara introducing you the two artists.
ISBN 9784902943849
Quantity 1
Pages 64
Author Yoshitomo Nara
Format Paperback
Publisher Foil Co Ltd
Related Artists Mel Stringer, Yeung Hok Tak
Category Drawing
Language English

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