Migrating the Margins

Migrating the Margins
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Publication Date 2019

While on the surface this book appears as a catalogue of the exhibition Migrating the Margins held at the Art Gallery of York University (15 Septemberto 3 December 2017), it is rather a stand-alone monograph that uses the exhibition as a springboard for a larger consideration of recent developments in the re-orientation of the Toronto art scene, from one dominated by the centre/downtown where, at best, the margins (the suburbs and underrepresented communities), are addressed in terms of their relationship to that centre. Using a Glissantian framework [Eduard Glissant], the authors posit that the art scene, and culture at large, is in the process of shifting, where the margins, the suburbs, are beginning to circumvent the downtown, speaking not from periphery to centre but rather from periphery to periphery. In the process, the periphery overrules the logic of centre/periphery, establishing rather a circuitous network that does not privilege any one particular location. Toronto-based artists discussed in the text include Erika DeFreitas, Anique Jordan, Tau Lewis, Rajni Perera, Nep Sidhu, and Farrah-Marie Miranda as well as artist collectives Otherness (Marilyn Fernandes and Pamila Matharu) and Sister Co-Resister.

ISBN 9780921972785
Quantity 1
Pages 192
Authors Philip Monk, Emelie Chhangur
Format Paperback
Publisher Art Gallery of York University, Toronto
Category Art from a specific town/city/region
Keywords Cosmopolitan, Toronto, Suburbs, Immigration
Language English

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