Miguel Palma: (Still Modern Discomfort)

Miguel Palma: (Still Modern Discomfort)
Library Shelf Location 18.PALM
Publication Date 01 Jan 2020

Miguel Palma (Lisbon, 1964) takes over the forms and the narrative flow of a modernity that is in continuous interpretive mutation in order to work with concepts such as degeneration, failure or progress.

The fascination he finds in the icons representative of classical modernity, such as automobiles, aviation, astronomical observation, architecture and technology in general, turns into an episode of anxiety that does not reproduce a desired world, but rather the desire for a world, conveyed in an expansive curiosity that questions that which is real, through the use of installations, videos, drawings and performances

ISBN 9789898239570
Quantity 1
Pages 173 p.
Editor Miguel Von Hafe Perez
Format Hardcover
Publisher Museu Berado
Related Artist Miguel Palma
Category Artists' Monographs A-Z
Keywords modernity, Dominant Narratives, Icons, Multi-media installations, Reality

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