A Voyage of Growth and Discovery 

20 OCTOBER 2011 - 15 JANUARY 2012
The UK premiere of a major collaborative installation between renowned American artists Mike Kelley and Michael Smith. 

 A Voyage of Growth and Discovery sees the man-child Baby IKKI, a character developed by Smith for over thirty years, navigate the infamous Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert. Alone in his journey amongst thousands of revellers, IKKI negotiates the primal elements of fire, water, earth and wind. A six-channel video installation replaying IKKI’s 'voyage' is enveloped by a fantasy environment evoking that of the festival. At its centre stands a 30ft incarnation of IKKI himself.

A Voyage of Growth and Discovery was co-produced by West of Rome, Los Angeles and Sculpture Center, New York and is curated by Emi Fontana.

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