Miller Power: What is Trans?

Miller Power: What is Trans?
Library Shelf Location ZINE-P
Publication Date May 2018

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What is Trans? Pyriting Papers - Issue 1

"What is trangender?
How do I be a good ally?
Are they just acting up for attention?
Is treating trans kids bad for them?
Why are there so many genders?

This Zine is a friendly and colourful guide to being a trans ally, and how to make sure you respect their identities.

It was written and handrawn by a transgender artist in Durham, UK"

"M. Power is the creator/ author of comic + website, which explores gender, disability and other bits and bobs. In real life he is an archaeologist and activist in Durham,UK."

Quantity 1
Pages 13
Formats Zine, A5 booklet
Publisher Self-published
Related Artist Miller Power
Category Zine Collection (by appointment)
Keywords Transgender, Multiculturalism, Identity, Medicine, Science, social change, Social Inclusion, Futures of Gender

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