Modern Art in Africa, Asia and Latin America: An Introduction to Global Modernisms

Modern Art in Africa, Asia and Latin America: An Introduction to Global Modernisms
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Publication Date 2012
Description Shedding fresh light on modern art beyond the West, this text introduces readers to artists, art movements, debates and theoretical positions of the modern era that continue to shape contemporary art worldwide. Area histories of modern art are repositioned and interconnected towards a global art historiography. Provides a much-needed corrective to the Eurocentric historiography of modern art, offering a more worldly and expanded view than any existing modern art survey Brings together a selection of major essays and historical documents from a wide range of sources Section introductions, critical essays, and documents provide the relevant contextual and historiographical material, link the selections together, and guide the reader through the key theoretical positions and debates Offers a useful tool for students and scholars with little or no prior knowledge of non-Western modernisms Includes many contrasting voices in its documents and essays, encouraging reader response and lively classroom discussion Includes a selection of major essays and historical documents addressing not only painting and sculpture but photography, film and architecture as well. Table of Contents: List of Figures viii Acknowledgments xi General Introduction: The Location of Modern Art 1 Elaine O’Brien Part I African Modern Art 15 Introduction: African Modern Art: An Ongoing Project 17 Everlyn Nicodemus 1 Modern African Art 26 Chika Okeke 2 From Country to City: The Development of an Urban Art 39 Steven Sack 3 Nomfanekiso Who Paints at Night: The Art of Gladys Mgudlandlu 45 Elza Miles 4 Negritude, Pan-Africanism, and Postcolonial African Identity: African Portrait Photography 49 Okwui Enwezor and Octavio Zaya 5 A Critical Presence: Drum Magazine in Context 58 Okwui Enwezor 6 Art of the African Diaspora 63 Michael D. Harris 7 Chorale: Man, Society, and Technology: An Experiment in Rural Egypt 73 Hassan Fathy 8 Oral Tradition and the Aesthetics of Black African Cinema 79 Nwachukwu Frank Ukadike 9 On National Culture 87 Frantz Fanon 10 Discourse on Colonialism 89 Aimé Césaire 11 Natural Synthesis 91 Uche Okeke 12 A Historic Confrontation between Jean Rouch and Ousmane Sembène in 1965: “You Look at Us as if We Were Insects” 94 Jean Rouch and Ousmane Sembène Part II Asian Modern Art: India, Japan, China 99 Introduction: Asian Modern Art: A Case of Alternative, Parallel, and Intersecting Modernisms 101 Melissa Chiu and Benjamin Genocchio 13 Multiculturalism/Multimodernism 106 Jim Supangkat 14 Negotiating Modernities: Encounters with Cubism in Asian Art 120 Ahmad Mashadi Section 1 India 129 15 When Was Modernism in Indian Art? 129 Geeta Kapur 16 The Formalist Prelude 138 Partha Mitter 17 E. B. Havell and Rabindranath Tagore: Nationalism, Modernity and Art 150 Osman Jamal 18 Art and Tradition 160 Rabindranath Tagore Section 2 Japan 165 19 Western Style Painting in Japan: Mimesis, Individualism, and Japanese Nationhood 165 Gennifer Weisenfeld 20 Artistic Subjectivity in the Taishô and Early Shôwa Avant-Garde 181 John Clark 21 The Age of Modernism: From Visualization to Socialization 193 Joe Takeba 22 The Architectural Profession in Japan, 1850–1930 209 Jonathan M. Reynolds 23 Dangen wa Dadaisuto 228 Takahashi Shinkichi Section 3 China 231 24 Sketch Conceptualism as Modernist Contingency 231 Eugene Y. Wang 25 Post-Impressionists in Pre-War Shanghai: The Juelanshe (Storm Society) and the Fate of Modernism in Republican China 254 Ralph Croizier 26 Films and Shanghai 272 Zheng Dongtian 27 The Storm Society Manifesto (October 1932) 279 Ni Yide, Pang Xunqin , et al. Part III Latin American Modern Art 281 Introduction: Modernism in Latin America: Strategic Vanguards 283 Mary K. Coffey and Roberto Tejada 28 Our America and the West 292 Roberto Fernández Retamar 29 Strategies of Modernity in Latin America 302 Andrea Giunta 30 Revolution as Ritual: Diego Rivera’s National Palace Mural 315 Leonard Folgarait 31 Africa in the Art of Latin America 330 Gerardo Mosquera 32 Vital Structures: The Constructive Nexus in South America 339 Mari Carmen Ramírez 33 Landscape: Errant Modernist Aesthetics in Brazil 353 Esther Gabara 34 The Spirit of Brasília: Modernity as Experiment and Risk 362 James Holston 35 Carmen Miranda, Grande Otelo, and the Chanchada , 1929–1949 375 Robert Stam 36 To Roosevelt 387 Rubén Darío 37 Essays on Latin American Art 391 Joaquín Torres-García 38 The Cosmic Race 402 José Vasconcelos 39 Cannibalist Manifesto 413 Oswald de Andrade 40 Brasília 424 Clarice Lispector Credits and Sources 429 Index 434
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Editors Elaine O'Brien, Everlyn Nicodemus, Melissa Chiu
Format Paperback
Publisher Wiley-Blackwell
Categories Surveys of Modern & Contemporary Art, Theory, Art from a specific continent
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