Modern Painters (09/10-10/01) December 2009 - January 2010

Modern Painters (09/10-10/01) December 2009 - January 2010
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Publication Date Dec 2009
Description TABLE OF CONTENTS: 56 Feature - At Work A former assistant to Jeff Koons sheds light on the flesh-and-blood cogs in the wheel that churns out the artist’s million-dollar creations. By Samantha Peale 64 Feature - New Blood In a quest for young collectors, museums and auction houses are engaging social-networking organizations and hosting events that appeal to fresh faces— and future patrons. By Erica Orden FRONT MATTER 13 Field Guide: News, Previews, Interviews Yayoi Kusama at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden Ivet Curlin Chris Tucci Breaking Forecast: Eight Key Figures of China's New Generation of Artists Bruce High Quality Foundation Gabriel Orozco Forbidden: Fiona Foley 20 Diary - What I Thought After I Came Out of “Pop Life” I like those intelligent curators, but their show is a bit on the vile side. By Matthew Collings 26 Architecture & Design - Frontin' Pharrell Williams and celebrity interdisciplinarity. By Michael Wilson 30 Studio Visit - Flink of an Eye Within a few moments of entering Navid Nuur’s studio, one is munching dried bee pollen. By James Westcott 36 Art & Science - Googling Ourselves Filtering data-age data through the interface of vintage gauges and dials. Tim Schwartz trains the lens of tech on us. By Lamar Clarkson 38 Working Practice - Back to Black Begum has developed a long-standing fascination with cities and with the structural materials found abundantly in urban environments. By Jyoti Dhar 42 The Curator - London Calling How Hannah Barry has managed to take a group of unknown young artists from a Peckham squat to a Venice pavilion in just three years. By Arsalan Mohammad 44 Meeting of Minds Matthew Weinstein puts five questions to Carroll Dunham Carroll and Matthew have been talking about art for more than 20 years.
ISSN 09536698
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Format Magazine
Months December 2009, January 2010
Publication Modern Painters

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