Modern Painters - Vol 17 no 2 - Summer 2004

Modern Painters - Vol 17 no 2 - Summer 2004
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Publication Date 2004
Abstract First Words Enablers All Karen Wright An artist's influence can be very powerful indeed   Diary Getting Ahead in New York Matthew Collings Larry Gagosian, you will be making a big mistake if you don't sign up this guy and his wife!   Collectors The Human Touch Joshua Mack A collector or over 70 years, Vera List found in art a way to connect with humanity and the changing pulse of the times   Architecture When Nothing is Likely, Everything is Possible Shumon Basar Rem Koolhaas and OMAMO: Star Warriors   Fashion Place and Passage Greg Hilty Hussein Chalayan ensures that fashion is more then fleeting   Film The Agony and the Agony Andrew Wilson Why artists have always done it better than Mel   Music Out of Time Shane Waltener Matmos - from the old South to the new Medieval   View from Penwith Last Man Standing Ruth Gilding At 75, Breon O'Casey is one of the last of the great painters on the Penwith peninsula   View from Miami Sun, Sea, Sand and ... Julian Mitchell How to make sense of libraries, migration and skyscrapers built on sand   View for Paris Gone in a Flash Philip Jodidio It's goodbye painting and hello photography at the home of Impressionism     ED KIENHOLZ: EXPERT Steven Sherrill When he could no longer sell used cars he was buried in one, but his real expertise is his art... THE BEST AND THE WORST William Boyd Notes towards a definition of Edward Hopper INSTALLATION Thomas Hischhorn An Exclusive installation documenting hie recent Musée Precaire Albinet (RE)BIRTH OF A STAR Karen Wright Lee Bontecou is back with a bang LIONS IN THE MUD Lance Esplund The alchemy and mythology of David Smith LIVES OF THE BOHEMIANS Jonathan Lethem On My Father's Painting MYTH BREAKER Doug Harvey forget about LA's decorator-friendly painters; tune in to the ever-changing world of Don Suggs THE BREACH OF HIS OWN FLESH Deborah Rosenthal Having experienced one of the most violent conflicts of the twentieth century, André Masson turned his wounds into his art FOOD FOR THOUGHT Julian Kreimer Why a man who stuffed suitcases full of cheese is one of the most important artists of his time
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Related Artists Celia Paul, Thomas Hirschhorn, Kienholz, Edward Hopper, Vera List
Issue Modern Painters - Vol 17 no 1 - Spring 2004
Publication Modern Painters

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