Modern Typography: An essay in critical history

Modern Typography: An essay in critical history
Library Shelf Location 42.KINR
Publication Date 1992
Description In a survey of developments snce 1700, this book proposes a new understanding of modern typography: as something larger and more deeply rooted than a modernism of style. Rather, 'modern' is taken to imply an articulate consciousness of action. The book's treatment lays stress on debates over principle and explanations of practice. But full weight is given to the social, technical and material bases of the activity: and the argument is illustrated by freshly made photographs of items not often reproduced before. Sources of information are discussed and extensively listed. The book thus contributes on several levels: as a brisk narrative of historical development, as a springboard for further investigation, as a delination of modern typography.
ISBN 0907259189
Quantity 1
Pages 270
Author Robin Kinross
Format Paperback
Publisher Hypen Press
Category Typography
Language English

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