Mona Marzouk

The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Energy's Evil

20 February 2008 - 27 April 2008

BALTIC presents Egyptian artist Mona Marzouk’s first UK solo exhibition. Marzouk tackles universal themes in her work. She reassembles varied influences including architectural histories, mythology and technology. Marzouk imagines an alternative to cultural difference, a “hybridised future”. For the exhibition at BALTIC Marzouk will produce a new site-specific installation.

Marzouk is best known for the deconstructionand rebuilding of different architecturalhistories. Her earlier work merged architecturalelements to release them from their functionand power in a search for a new visuallanguage. Recently, to tackle universal themes,she has used the more varied cultural forces of pop-culture, mythology and technology. Making reference to man-made creations and mythical creatures, Marzouk investigates the possibilities and boundaries of relationships. The result is a fusion of elements that give avision of a possible future.

At BALTIC, Marzouk has produced a siteresponsive installation that includes two largescale wall paintings, audio elements and a projected animated short film. The title of the installation The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Energy’s Evil includes a hybrid of elements in a reflection of her work. Marzouk tackles ideas relating to energy as the currency of powerand life and makes particular reference to oil inthe black and gold of the wall paintings.

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