Mondrian: Nature to Abstraction

Mondrian: Nature to Abstraction
Library Shelf Location 18.MOND
Publication Date 1997
Description The Mondrian collection in the Gemeentenmuseum is particularly strong on the early works, when the artist painted in the style of the Hague school. Mondrian's style changed dramatically in his forties, after his encounter between 1908 and 1911 with van Gogh, Pointillism and then Cubism. A central feature in the exhibition and catalogue will be the group of drawings and paintings of trees. These show the impact of Cubism on Mondrian's work after 1911 and exemplify the transition from naturalism to a more abstract depiction based on a linear scaffold of arcs and straight lines. A group of later works made during an entirely abstract style based on planes of primary colours and linear grids. By the early 1920s all naturalistic references are removed. This new abstract reality, based on Mondrian's writings on "neo-plasticism", was refined throughout the 1920s and 1930s. The final images in the exhibition coincide with the artist's departure from Europe to America. This exhibition catalogue opens with essays from the selectors of the exhibition, the artist Bridget Riley, Sean Rainbird of the Tate Gallery and Hans Janssen from the Gemeentemuseum.
ISBN 1854372378
Quantity 1
Pages 120
Authors Sean Rainbird, Hans Janssen, Bridget Riley
Format Paperback
Publisher Tate Gallery Publishing
Related Artist Piet Mondrian
Category Painting
Keywords Abstract (fine arts style), Grid form, Neo-Plasticism, Abstraction, Nonrepresentational Art
Related Galleries Gemeentemusuem, The Hague, Tate Gallery (pre-Tate Modern), London
Artist's Nationality Dutch
Language English

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