Moon Rocks & Space Maps / Sci Fi & Off-World Urbanism: (2) George Wake

Publication Date 19 Jun 2014

Part I: Moon Rocks & Space Maps
Part II: Science Fiction & Off-World Urbanism
Thursday 19 June 2014 / 18.00–20.00 / FREE
BALTIC 39 / Book:


Hands on demonstration and discussion with local experts looking at two exceptional collections of meteorites and astronomical maps and charts.

George Wake has spent much of his working life developing a passion for biology and geology: working in laboratories, researching plants for dementia treatments, developing biofuel feedstock processes, travelling the globe, winning prizes. Now retired, George has developed an interest in the geologies of other worlds which he will share in an informal discussion and hands on demonstration of his extensive collection of meteorites.

Paul Gailiunas is Chairman of The Lit & Phil, Newcastle, a position he has held since 2011. He has a degree in Natural Sciences, and for most of his career he taught Chemistry at a local High School. Since taking early retirement seven years ago he has had more time to spend on his varied interests: bookbinding, singing, local history, and the Lit & Phil. Every year he contributes to Bridges, an international conference devoted to mathematics and the arts.


Current challenges of climate change, constrained resources and changes to global infrastructure have led today’s scientific and cultural thinkers to look further afield for solutions. Adam Stock, Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Newcastle University, and Simon Marvin, Professor in the Department of Geography, Durham University, will discuss their research into actual and fictional responses to current developments, both on and off-world.

Adam Stock joined Newcastle University as Post-Doctoral Research Associate in October 2012, having previously been a postdoctoral tutor at Durham University. Adam’s interests lie in utopian and dystopian fiction, as well as the history of political thought, critical theory, cultural history, science fiction, visual culture, modernism and modernity. His current research addresses the relationship between the visual arts and science fiction from the postwar era to the present.

Simon Marvin is a Professor in the Department of Geography in Durham University. Simon joined Durham University in 2012 and is the Carillion Chair of Low Carbon Cities and Deputy Director of Durham Energy Institute. Simon is an expert on the changing relations between cities, regions and infrastructure networks in a period of resource constraint, institutional restructuring and climate change.

Speaker George Wake
Format MPEG 4
Related Artist Aaron Guy
Month June 2014
Keywords Moon, Space (universe)
Related Events They Used to Call it the Moon (Friday 25 April – Sunday 29 June 2014), Moon Rocks & Space Maps / Sci Fi & Off-World Urbanism
Related Gallery BALTIC’s project space at BALTIC 39, Newcastle upon Tyne
Language English

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