Muslim Matter

Muslim Matter
Library Shelf Location 15a.MEKA
Publication Date 2016

This book underscores the complexity and heterogeneity of various Muslim communities, places where prayer and amusement go hand in hand, and simple pleasures offset the harshness of conflict-ridden environments. Moreover, it offers perspectives on communities in dialogue with non-Muslim majorities, or occasions where a subjects humanness takes precedence over its Muslim-ness. Gathering photographs, objects, and essays as a way to present the overlooked and sometimes underrepresented aspects of everyday life across various Muslim societies, an intriguing presentation of objects, artefacts, and texts reflect on the importance of material and visual cultures.

ISBN 9783957633590
Quantity 1
Pages 191p; 18.7 x 1.7 x 24.6 cm
Editors Omar Kasmani, Stefan Maneval
Format Hardcover
Publisher Revoler Publishing
Category Contemporary Cultural Studies
Keywords Material culture, Muslim- social life and culture
Languages German, English

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