Mustafa Hulusi: The Joyous, Shining and Wonderful Age

Mustafa Hulusi: The Joyous, Shining and Wonderful Age
Library Shelf Location 18.HULU
Publication Date 2011
Description This book is a succinct summary of the artist’s work over the last five years. Although he describes himself as primarily a conceptual artist, the book merges Hulusi’s work in various media– photography, filmmaking, painting – into a cohesive, easily understandable whole. Hulusi’s messianic artistic vision is poetic yet critically observant as it lays out a new way of understanding the philosophical implications of our post-political age. This book includes a DVD containing his new film work entitled The EMPTY Near East, a meditative five minute loop narrative of a post-apocalyptic landscape.
ISBN 9783863350673
Quantity 2
Pages 156
Authors Sotiris Kyriacou, Norman Rosenthal, Sacha Craddock
Formats DVD, Hardback
Publishers Cornerhouse Publications, Koenig Books
Related Artist Mustafa Hulusi
Category Conceptual Art
Language English

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