Mutual Core

Mutual Core
Library Shelf Location 06.ECOL
Publication Date Apr 2022

Mutual Core is part of research in the ecological, decolonial and ecofeminist movements that invites us to observe, understand and learn from the interdependencies and movements inherent to living things. The latter are understood and experienced as a shared fabric where each element communicates and acts not on, but with others. Living and non-living organisms do not cohabit, they co-evolve and coexist to form a symbiotic community within which each one plays a role. With works by Chloé Robert, Emma Di Orio, Alice Aucuit, Georgie Ganné, Clotilde Provansal, Kid Kreol & Boogie, Kako & Kenkle, Tatiana Patchama, Sanjeeyann Paléatchy, Esther Hoareau, Jack Beng-Thi, Migline Paroumanou, Thierry Fontaine, Feliks Florans, Yassine Ben Abdallah.

ISBN 9791095634065
Quantity 1
Pages 208
Authors J. Crenn, E. Coccia, G. Clément, M. Thiann-Bo Morel
Format Hardback
Publisher Frac Reunion
Category Art by Subject
Keywords Ecological, Decolonial, Ecofeminist, Organisms, Symbiotic community
Languages English, French, Creole

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