MUYOP: Interviews with Women and Queers Making DIY Music

MUYOP: Interviews with Women and Queers Making DIY Music
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Publication Date 08 Jul 2018

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Move Under Your Own Power "is a zine, compilation and sort of archiving project that is coordinated every couple of years or so by Kirsty Fife. The project consists of short interviews with women, queers and non-binary musicians about creative practice, the diy scene and making music together."

"This is Move Under Yr Own Power #2, a zine about women and queers making DIY music in the UK.

The zine is 56pp, black and white, A5 with some illustrations. It's mainly interviews and an introduction. The zine comes with a compilation with a song from most of the featured bands, so BASICALLY IT'S WELL GOOD VALUE.

Features interviews with:
Jemma Freeman and the Cosmic Something
Girl Hogg
Kai Stone, Child’s Pose/Nekra
Granola Suicide
Solution Hours
Emma Wigham, Witching Waves
Cherry Styles
Deathsex Bloodbath
Clammy Hands
Cat Apostrophe
Secret Power"

Quantity 1
Pages 25
Format Zine
Publishers Self-published, MUYOP
Related Artist Kirsty Fife
Category Zine Collection (by appointment)
Keywords Music Album, Interviews, Feminism, Queer, Queer culture, Identity, LGBTQIA+, Futures of Gender

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