Nan Goldin/Elton John Collection: Press Cuttings File

Nan Goldin/Elton John Collection: Press Cuttings File
Archive Shelf Location 24/18.GOLD
Publication Date 2007

'Police Seize Photo, Singer Shuts show', 1 December 2007, p96 'Protection Zone', British Journal of Photography, 19 December 2007, p32 'But is it art...' Digital Photo pro, November 2007, p8 'Baltic Blowout' The Crack, October 2007, p20-21 'That'll do nicely, sir', Art Monthly, October 2007 'Baltic photo is 'not indecent' says CPS', By Paul James, in The Journal, 27th October 2007 'Eltons Kid's photo 'not indecent', in Daily sport, 27th October 2007 'No great loss to art lovers', in Northern Echo, 27th October 2007 'Photograph of two young girls owned by Elton is not indecent', in The Herald, 27th October 2007 'Sir Elton John's young girl art: non charges', By Nigel Reynolds, Art Correspondent, 26th October 2007 'Elton's pic not porn - exhibition photo ruling' By Brenda Hickman, in The Evening Chronicle, 26th October 2007 'CPS rules on exhibition picture: Elton's girl image "is not indecent"', by Lara Deauville, in The London Paper, 26th October 2007 'Elton John cleared of indecency', in ABC news, 26th October 2007 'Images of innocence: We don't seem to be able to cope with the naked truth', by Janet Christie in The Scotsman, 13 October 2007, p21 'Controversy closes Elton John show' Amateur Photographer, 13 October 2007, p9 'Art exhibition was bad taste' (letter) by G Sands, in Evening Chronicle, 12 October 2007 'The art of seduction: sex through the ages, from every possible angle' by Charlotte Higgins in The Guardian, 10 October 2007 'If a picture paints a thousand words' by Shona Main in Holyrood, 8 October 2007, p10 'Porn panic not healthy for us', by Andrew Clarke in East Anglian Daily Times, 6 October 2007, p37 'Paedophobia: a very British obsession' by Cosmo Landesman in The Sunday Times, 6 October 2007, p14 'Police seize 'porn' image at Baltic' AI, 5 October 2007 'The notional paedophile now dictates what we can look at. by Libby Brooks in The Guardian, 4 October 2007, p32 'BALTIC Art' (letter) by David Waring in Northern Echo, 4 October 2007 'Elton John closes exhibition after child pornography probe', Pink News, 3 October 2007 'Police investigate Goldin photo', British Journal of Photography, 3 October 2007, p4 'Elton John photo exhibition shut down' Sydney Morning Herald, 3 October 2007 'Elton removes photo collection',, 2 October 2007 'Elton removes photo collection', 2 October 2007 'Elton John Exhibition removed', 2 October 2007 'Exhibition of Sir Elton photos shut', The Herald, 2 October 2007 'Sir Elton cancels exhibition after photo seized by police', Irish News, 2 October 2007, p20 'Gallery closes Elton picture show',, 2 October 2007 'Gallery closes Elton picture exhibition', Evening Standard, 2 October 2007 'Sir Elton cancels pic show', Sunderland Echo, 2 October 2007, p2 'Gallery closes Elton picture exhibition', PA News Wire, 2 October 2007 'Exhibition of Sir Elton photos shut', The Herald, 2 October 2007, p7 'Star pulls plug on exhibition' by Linda Richards in Evening Chronicle, 2 October 2007 'Sir Elton closes photo exhibition at Baltic', Northern Echo, 2 October 2007, p32 'Labelling it 'art' doesn't make it all right' by Peter Mullen in Northern Echo, 2 October 2007, p19 'Sir Elton pulls plug on photos', The Journal, 2 October 2007, front page & p7 'Baltic porn probe photos removed', BBC Online, 1 October 2007 'Nan Goldin: Thanksgiving - Review' by Amy Rudd in Metro, 1 October 2007 'Gallery closes Elton picture exhibition', Daily Mail, 1 October 2007 'Gallery closes Elton picture show', Press Association News 1 October 2007 'The strange case of Sir Elton's 'obscene' photo (first time around)' by Andrew Johnson in The Independent on Sunday, 30 September 2007 'Evil is in the eye of the beholder: what kind of person sees pornography in Nan Goldin's beautiful photographs of naked children?' by Sarah Sands in The Independent, 30 September 2007, p40 'Are we too wary of pictures of naked children?'by The Observer panel in The Observer, 30 September 2007 'Reaching the parts other photographers won't touch' [profile and comment] The Sunday Times, 30 September 2007, p9 'Naked fear on display' by Cosmo Landesman in The Sunday Times, 30 September 2007, p7 'What's the difference between art and porn?' BBC Online, 28 September 2007 'Baltic chairman defends staff action' Northern Echo, 28 September 2007, p3 'The Subterranean snapper', by Rachel Campbell-Johnston, in The Face, 27th September 2007 'The Wright Stuff' Channel 5, TX 27 September 2007 'Elton John defends seized photo: its mine and its art', by Ben hoyle, The Times, 27th September 2007, p15 'Elton: Baltic porn row picture belongs to me', by Mark Summers, in the Northern Echo, 27th of September 2007 'Seized photo is Sir Elton's', Oxford Mail, 27 September 2007, p6 'Goldin's art is not porn' in The Guardian unlimited (web), 27th September 2007 'Baltic child Picture owned by Sir Elton John', by Paul Watson, in the Journal, 27th September 2007 'Sir Elton's own seized art exhibit, in The Yorkshire Post, 27th September 2007 'Elton John defends "child porn" photo', in, 26th September 2007 'child-porn - seize pictures from Elton art collection', by Chris Brooke, in The Daily MAil, 26th September 2007 'Artwork seized in 'child porn probe'', Metro Scotland, 26 September 2007, p5 'Art Gallery hit by porn probe', in News Letter, 26th September 2007 'Police seize work from gallery in child pornography investigation', by Ben Hoyle, in The Times, 26th September 2007 'Child porn police grab Elton photo', by Robin Perrie and Alex West, in The Sun, 26th September 2007 'Police seize "child porn" art at Baltic', by Owen McAteer and Mark summers, in The Northern Echo, 25th of September 2007 'Porn Law alert as exhibit is pulled', in the Shropshire Star, 25th of September 2007, p7 'Seized art porn owned by Sir Elton John, By Sophie Borland and Nigel Reynolds, in the, 25th of Septermber 2007 'Art work at Baltic Seized, By Jule Wilson, The Journal, 25th September 2007, p3 'Sulky Best, Kader Attia, Kendell Geers, Nan Goldin and The Zabludowicz collection', The Guide, 22nd September 2007 'Elton John reveals photo collection', by Chris Cheesman, in The Amateur Photographer, 21st September 2007 'Nan Goldin' in The Gatehead Council, 21st of September 2007 'Thanks, Elton', by Ana Finel Honigman, in, 21st of September 2007 'Baltics summer of fun over' by David Whestone, in The Journal, 22nd of September 2007 'Nan Goldin Thanksgiving from the Elton John Photography Collection' by Dennis Hays, Photo News Today, 5 September 2007 'Nan Goldin -Thanksgiving...', 5 September 2007 'Elton John Reveals photo collection', by Chris Cheesman, Amateur Photographer, 16th of August 2007 'Elton and George are the new Medicis...' by Andrew Johnson, Independent, 15 July 2007 'Elton's gallery gets go ahead', Art Newspaper, 1 July 2007, p16 'In the frame: Art gallery bids to exhibit Sir Elton's photo collection' by Alastair Craig in Evening Chronicle, 22 June 2007, p48 'Baltic woos Elton John' The Journal, 22 June 2007 'Man Ray to Mapplethorpe - Baltic to showcase Elton John's collection' by Francesca Martin in The Guardian, 20 June 2007 'Baltic show's Elton's Snaps' by Linda Richards, Evening Chronicle, 8 August 2007

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Format Press Articles
Related Artist Nan Goldin
Keywords Collecting, Collections
Related Event Nan Goldin: Thanksgiving (21 - 27 September 2007)
Related Gallery BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

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