Narrative Spaces: On the Art of Exhibiting

Narrative Spaces: On the Art of Exhibiting
Library Shelf Location 13a.KOSS
Publication Date 2012
Description Narrative Environments is about exhibitions, about their practice and principles. The book establishes a comprehensive theoretical, practical and cultural-historical framework and it defines the conceptual tools to probe the dynamics of the profession. Exhibition designers generally face the task of translating complex narrative, academic objectives into a compelling spatial narrative comprising a mix of different media and communicative strategies. With the aid of space, collection pieces, images, light, photography, film and interactive media, the medium of the exhibition has acquired a unique potential to inform, seduce or surprise visitors and to induce engagement. Narrative Spaces uncovers the dramaturgical, scenographical principles of the exhibition as a narrative space and it inspires new approaches of exhibition design. The book analyses the field from three different points of view: the theoreticalphilosophical, the practical and the cultural-historical. It not only addresses designers, but also curators and critics, theatre makers, artists and architects - in short, everyone interested in the expressive potential of spaces.
ISBN 9789064507946
Quantity 1
Pages 192
Authors Herman Kossmann, Suzanne Mulder, Frank den Oudsten
Format Paperback
Publisher 010 Publishers, Rotterdam
Category Museum/Gallery Studies
Keyword Curating
Language English

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