Navigate: Tim Brennan: Performing Northumbria: Empire

Navigate: Tim Brennan: Performing Northumbria: Empire
Archive Shelf Location 6A5(6)
Publication Date 02 Jul 2005
Description In exploring 'empire' through the optic of Northern England, Tim Brennan has been led to the work of the C19th antiquarian, William Hutton. In 1801 Hutton left his home in Sutton (Birmingham) and set out on a walking tour which led him to Carlisle and along Hadrian's Wall. Brennan has taken Hutton's text and itinerary as a palimpsest in order to arrive at a new performance text. The outcome is a performance colliding action and reading to arrive at a collective dynamic in which the notion of audience may dissolve and help to further explode the critical and allegorical dimensions of empire.
Quantity 1
Formats DV standard tape, MPEG 4
Related Artist Tim Brennan
Months June 2005, July 2005
Category Live Art/Performance
Keyword Allegory
Related Cities/Regions Gateshead, Newcastle upon Tyne
Related Event Navigate Live Art Festival
Related Gallery BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art
Related Curators/Producers Forma, amino, Nicola Hood, Michelle Hirschhorn
Language English
Issues QUAY TV: Art in the North-east Channel, QUAY TV: Live Art & Performance Channel

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