Navigating North: Works from the Wihuri Foundation Collection

Navigating North: Works from the Wihuri Foundation Collection
Library Shelf Location 13.FIKI
Publication Date 2019

Showcasing the Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation Collection, Navigating North investigates links between the north and south. The themes of the exhibition—landscape, northern nature, and geographical and cultural crossroads—point towards how we are constantly navigating change. One of the recurring themes in the exhibition is the experience of belonging to a place or community and how that affects one’s identity. The featured artworks examine our relationship with the natural world and how we so often seek to shape the environment but also how we ourselves are defined by places. The Arctic north is a special region that today attracts interest globally for various political, economic, cultural and ecological reasons. 

ISBN 9789527371459
Quantity 1
Pages 208
Authors Leevi Haapala, Arto Hiltunen
Format Paperback
Category Galleries/Museums/Private Collections
Keywords Finland, Finnish Art, Landscape, Gallery collections, local environments, Ecology
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