New Media 1740-1915

New Media 1740-1915
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Publication Date 01 Apr 2003
Description Reminding us that all media were once new, this book challenges the notion that to study new media is to study exclusively modern media. Examining a variety of media in their historic contexts, it explores those moments of transition when new media were not yet fully defined and their significance was still in flux. Examples range from familiar devices such as the telephone and phonograph to unfamiliar curiosities such as the physiognotrace and the zograscope. Moving beyond the story of technological innovation, the book considers emergent media as sites of ongoing cultural exchange. It considers how habits and structures of communication can frame a collective sense of public and private and how they inform our apprehensions of the "real." By recovering different (and past) senses of media in transition, "New Media, 1740-1915" promises to deepen our historical understanding of all media and thus to sharpen our critical awareness of how they acquire their meaning and power.
ISBN 0262072459
Quantity 1
Pages 304
Authors Lisa Gitelman, Geoffrey B Pingree
Format Hardcover
Publisher MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass.
Categories Surveys of Modern & Contemporary Art, Theory, New Media/Digital Art
Keywords Technology, Cultural exchange, Communication systems
Language English

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