New Territories: an international festival of live arts

New Territories: an international festival of live arts
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Publication Date 2002
Description New Territories begin where the old maps leave off... Time was, you could cast an eye over the creative landscape and see boundaries: specific territories that could be clearly tagged as 'dance' or 'theatre' or even 'installation work'- with maybe small, rocky realm called 'performance' struggling to break away from being annexed to any one discipline. But times change. Nineteenth century definitions or art and cultural genres are no longer a reliable guide to the kind of work that 21st century practisioners make- not at least because new technologies have helped those practisioners evolve fascinating a provocative hybrid forms. It's in resonse to these shifting- and possibilities- that this New Territories festival has come into being.
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Pages 48
Author Mary Brennan
Formats Exhibitions and Events Guide, Listing
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Category Live Art/Performance
Related Event National Review of Live Art
Language English

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